Wet Diapers


Splendor, glory, gold, angels, mansions and even the Great White throne were all left behind in Heaven when God chose to become flesh and dwell among men.

He chose, instead, the dark shed in the back yard of Beth’s Bed and Breakfast Inn as His earthly entry port.  An odd choice, to say the least.  Even more unusual was His choice to arrive as a tiny…BABY.

Unique Missionary Opportunity

I started, and continue, this Missionary Musings Blog on the promise that there would never ever be on these pages any type of promotional push for special offerings or other public monetary “trolling” efforts.

However, there is an unusual situation that is developing in Brazil that might be of interest to the many supporting partners of OTHER worthy oneness missionary endeavors that operate inside this vast country:

Counting Numbers

God counts sinners, one by one

God counts sinners, one by one

Although I am a very poor mathematician, numbers fascinate me! And, in this regard, I am not alone… just about everyone I know is too.

Numbers make it easy for us to understand concepts, to measure the size of anything and even helps us count our money (among so many other things numbers can do).

Looking from another angle, numbers even made it easier to preach the Plan of Salvation. The Apostle Peter proclaimed that everyone must do THREE things in order to be saved: 1) Repent, 2) be baptized in Jesus Name, and 3) be filled with the Holy Ghost.  One – Two – Three.

Be reminded: God, not Einstein, is the FATHER of all advanced math theories!

Yet, God almost distains numbers!

Immersion… Total Immersion!

This blog is NOT a soapbox stand to whine about specific financial needs, nor shall this blog be used as a doctrinal forum of Apostolic theology (God will help with the finances and the Apostolic ministry is fully capable of defending the doctrine). Basically, I muse (write) about interesting and even unusual things that catch my attention.

Cash or Minimum Payment?

Missionaries do not only face spiritual battles as they rescue native souls from hell, they (we) also face tremendous financial challenges.

Some, perhaps, think missionaries have “the good life” and are always whining for more (dollars). That is not true. Most missionaries that I know (and partner with) live frugally, investing EVERYTHING they can toward SOUL SUCCESS as they reach for the lost of their field of labor. I tip my hat to them and their sacrificial living.

The Oldest Apostolic in the World?


Sister Clarinda celebrated, just a few days ago, her 101st birthday! That is one whole century, plus one extra year! Wow! She is baptized in Jesus Name and has the Holy Ghost! Could it be that she is the oldest Apostolic alive on the planet? Maybe not, but I am quite sure she the oldest Apostolic in Brazil! Since I don't expect to reach the century mark, much less, the plus one year (Jesus is soon to return), I am rejoicing with her! Happy Birthday, Sister Clarinda!


Revival under the Shadow of Hell


Never have I felt spiritual oppression as intense as we (all!) are facing right now.  And, I have noticed, the rumbling of the earth as wicked giants are marching out of hell, is being felt around the world, including the traditional home-base churches across America!

This intensified oppression has at least two explanations: a) the Rapture is closer than we think (and the devil knows this… thus his rush against The Church); b) there is Revival in the air… something wonderful is happening, in spite all the devil’s attempts to mute the Holy Ghost wind that is blowing the in hearts of hungry souls.

So, while more and more souls are marching in a zombie like manner to hell, there is another group crying out to God for help (Ex. 2:23; 3:7)… they are looking for a “slingshot” of faith against the wicked giants! 

The Serpent’s Armpit

Evangelist Jairson Oliveira playing and singing!

Evangelist Jairson Oliveira playing and singing!

Yesterday, Evangelist Jairson Oliveira and Ana, his wife, held their first Apostolic service in a village named “The Serpent’s Armpit” (Sovaco da Cobra, in Portuguese). An unusual name for a village, to say the least… even by Brazilian standards.

While I do not know how that village got that odd name, I am quite sure it was not randomly chosen. Be assured, “The Serpent’s Armpit” is not the safest place in town, especially on a Friday night!



Rebuilding implies the tearing down of something already constructed and starting over.  Most all of us are averse to rebuilding…  After all, why mess around with something that is working?  True…

Yet, it is often part of human nature to lull oneself into a “status quo” attitude, not wanting to go to the trouble, effort and hassle of rebuilding an obsolete and decaying structure.  This is especially true of our own selves (as composed by body, soul and spirit).

That is probably the reason why I was caught by surprise this last month.  Without really any pre-planning or forethought, I found myself launching into a MAJOR reconstruct of our beautiful Brazilian Headquarters Church building AND, simultaneously, a spiritual rebuild of my spiritual walk with God.

The “jesus” in Cell 8


Yesterday we baptized 32 maximum security inmates in Jesus Name!  That is almost 7% of the current number of interns at that “small” high risk/high security institution!  Wow!

Because the Apostolic Church of Brasil has such close rapport with the government prison agency, we were granted the use of a deactivated wing for the baptismal services.

Yet, we were in for a surprise: there was another “jesus” in that prison pod… and he was NOT the JESUS we all knew and worshipped!